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UK and EU Students

Also known as "Home Students", this is defined as a student residing in the UK or EU countries and wishing to study at our partnered colleges or universities based in the UK.




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International Students

International students are those students who chose to undertake all or part of their tertiary education in a country other than their own and move to that country for the specific purpose of studying. In this case the colleges and universities available are based in the UK.

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Student Finance

As a full-time undergraduate student at University, College or other institution you'll normally have to pay for your tuition fees as well as your living costs for the duration of your degree course. Registration fees in universities across England have always represented a very significant expense, either for British or European students.

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Our students are

Testimonial 4

I really recommend Novellwall to everyone who wants to go university, they are such a friendly, helpful and amazing team with everyone. However, I want to give a big thank to Khaalid for helping me all the time and giving me the opportunity to study at one of the universities.

Rahma Kamal


Testimonial 3

My experience with Novelwall was amazing the helped me through my search for a university. I was so pleased with their communication they kept me up to date through every step of the way. Thanks to Novelwall my application went smooth sailing I give them 5 stars.

Tanaka James


testimonial 2

My experience with Novelwall was amazing they helped me through my search for a placement in the university. I was so pleased with their communication they kept me up to date through every step of the way to the end .I we be in my first class on Monday and I will recommend them to friends and family's.

Walter Aganmwonyi


Testimonial 1

My experience with Novelwall has been five star right from the beginning to end. They have supported me all the way whilst looking for a University to study with. the staff at Novelwall have good, infact excellent clientele and communication skills.
Novelwall has also helped me through the student finance process. I university with The London School of Business and Management next week which I'am looking forward to. I wouldn't have gone down this specific route without Novelwall

Kelvin Olugbosun





The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) is a UK-based charity whose main
role is managing applications to higher education courses in the UK. The service acts as a bridge between prospective students and institutions by providing an online application that can be completed and sent to Universities throughout the UK. Once applications are submitted UCAS alerts students of any updates or decisions made by Universities via UCAS Track.

UCAS is an independent charity providing information, advice, and admissions services to inspire and facilitate educational progression.

This means that if you wanted to apply for a Maths degree at both Manchester University and Liverpool University then you could send both applications through UCAS. You would then review your responses from all institutions through UCAS.

How to convert A-level results to UCAS points

If your child using their A-levels to go to University and they hold a conditional offer, it’s likely they will have to achieve a certain number of UCAS points in order to take up the place.





How does it affect me?

Almost everyone finds applying to University challenging in some way. From writing
the perfect
Statement of purpose (or Personal Statement) to understanding how the application process actually
works, it’d be a miracle if we didn’t get a little bit confused at some point! UCAS is one such
mystery that can be equally confusing for both UK based A Level students and international students.
You may never have heard of UCAS before, but you can bet it’ll start getting mentioned when you’re
ready to apply for University!

Do I have to apply through UCAS?

Sometimes we have students who get admitted on the spot at our ‘Spot Admission
events’, however in
some cases Universities will still expect an application to be made through UCAS. So, in almost all
cases, yes, you do have to apply through UCAS.



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