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Application Processing Fee – Terms & Conditions

The APF is only applicable for International Students and all British and European applying in the UK are currently exempted from any fee.

1. The $100 – Application Processing Fee (APF) is a non-refundable fee towards processing your College or University application. Once the full payment of $100 is been made, we shall assign an Experts Advisor to process your file. We aim to achieve a minimum of one offer from one of our partnered institutions.

2. The APF must be paid directly into Novelwall’s bank Account, not to their nominated agents, partners, staffs or any third parties, and must be made in USD or equivalent.

3. You must indicate your Invoice reference number on the transfer.

4. You have 14 days cooling-off period if you wish to cancel.

5. In case of Novelwall, being unable to meet the promises, you shall be entitled to claim for a full refund according to section 1,6 & 7.

6. The applicant shall be deemed to comply and to provide all documents requested by Novelwall or any extra evidence demanded by your institution, otherwise.

7. The APF fee shall not guarantee the success of your Visa application and not covered any immigration services from this fee.

8. The applicant must agree to provide Novelwall considerable time to find a suitable solution, in this case a minimum of 6 months.

9. If you wish to claim your refund for APF, you must;

a. Need to complete a refund Application.

b. Return the completed refund application to or hand over to relevant branch in person.

c. You must provide a bank detail to pay-in your refund, unfortunately we do not pay out cash.

d. Provide us with the reasons for your refund. e. If you are eligible for a refund it shall take up to 10 working days to process your refund.

10. In the event of providing false information or documents shall deem to cancel your application and you shall be informed to relevant authorities and your file shall be sized.

We do not store your card details nor do we share any financial details with any 3rd parties.


Policy Date – 13.04.2020

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