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“We’ve provided students with unparalleled creative education for 150 years, and we now have over 5,500 students studying on more than 120 courses.”


Professor Bashir Makhoul



At UCA, we’re devoted to your creative journey. We have a long history in the business of creativity, nurturing unique communities of artists, designers, architects, writers, animators, lmmakers, illustrators, photographers, actors and more, and are proud to say that 94.6% of our graduates are employed or in further study within six months.

Oscar and BAFTA-winning lmmakers and animators, world-renowned fashion designers, Turner Prize nominees, Stirling Prize winners and leading craft artists are just some of our high-pro le alumni who’ve enriched the world with their talents. And with the creative industries currently employing almost 2 million people in the UK* – a number which is still growing – we know that all kinds of businesses are looking for talented, highly skilled graduates. At UCA, that’s exactly what we create – and we’ll help and support you every step of the way.


We pride ourselves on being 100% creative. We’ve provided students with unparalleled creative education for 150 years, and we now have over 5,500 students studying on more than 120 courses. We’re ranked 21st amongst all UK universities in the 2018 Guardian University Guide league table, as well as being the number one specialist university for the creative industries according to both the Guardian and the 2018 Complete University Guide. 


We’ll support you throughout your studies, whether you come to us to study at pre- degree, undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Each campus offers its own uniquely inspiring surroundings. Our distinctiveness compared with larger multi-disciplinary universities comes from our complete focus on the business of creativity, which is not compromised by sharing facilities with other subjects. We o er cutting-edge equipment, a wealth of resources and inspiring environments to support your learning and fully prepare you for a successful career in the creative industries.

As a tight-knit and creative community, we value freedom of expression, experimentation, active collaboration across disciplines and backgrounds, rigour in our thinking and practices, and informed engagement with, and shaping of, the world around us.

I invite you to join us – together we will create your future. 

Our Courses


Acting, Farnham BA (Hons) 

UCAS Code:W410


Acting, Rochester* BA (Hons)

UCAS Code:W411


Advertising BA (Hons) 

UCAS Code:W218 


Animation BA (Hons) (3-year/4-year) 

UCAS Code:W615/W617 


Architecture BA (Hons) 

UCAS Code:K100 


Business Innovation & Management (Top-Up) BA (Hons) 

UCAS Code:N100 


Business Management BA (Hons) 

UCAS Code:N200


Computer Animation Arts BA (Hons) 

UCAS Code:W281 


Contemporary Jewellery BA (Hons) 

UCAS Code:W700


  Creative Computing BSc (Hons) 

UCAS Code:W290


 Fashion BA (Hons) (3-year/4-year) 

UCAS Code:W230/W236


 Fashion Atelier BA (Hons) 

UCAS Code:W237


 Fashion Design BA (Hons) (3-year/4-year) 

UCAS Code:W233


 Fashion Journalism BA (Hons)

UCAS Code:WP25


Fashion Management & Marketing BA (Hons) 



 Fashion Media & Promotion BA (Hons) (3-year/4-year) 

UCAS Code:W226/W227 


 Fashion Photography BA (Hons) 

UCAS Code:W645


Fashion Promotion & Imaging BA (Hons)

UCAS Code: WN65


Fashion Textiles BA (Hons) 

UCAS Code:W231


Film & Digital Art BA (Hons)

 UCAS Code:W690


Film Production BA (Hons) (3-year/4-year) 

UCAS Code:W600/W618


Fine Art, Canterbury, BA (Hons) (3-year/4-year)

UCAS Code:W100/W102


Fine Art, Farnham, BA (Hons) 

UCAS Code:W101


Games Art BA (Hons)

UCAS Code:W280


Games Design BA (Hons) 

UCAS Code:I620


Games Technology BSc (Hons) 

UCAS Code:G450



Glass, Ceramics, Jewellery, Metalwork BA (Hons) 

UCAS Code:W703 


Graphic Design, Canterbury BA (Hons) 

UCAS Code:W211 


Graphic Design, Epsom BA (Hons) (3-year/4-year) 

UCAS Code:W210/W214 


Graphic Design, Farnham BA (Hons) 

UCAS Code:W217


Hand Embroidery for Fashion, Interiors, Textile Art BA (Hons) 

UCAS Code:W740 


 Illustration BA (Hons) (3-year/4-year) 

UCAS Code:W220/W221


Illustration & Animation BA (Hons) 

UCAS Code:WW26 


Industrial Design* BSc (Hons) 

UCAS Code:W245 


Interior Architecture & Design, Canterbury, BA (Hons) 

UCAS Code:W252 


Interior Architecture & Design, Farnham, BA (Hons) 

UCAS Code:W251 


Journalism & Media Production BA (Hons) 

UCAS Code:W902 


Make-up & Hair Design* BA (Hons) 

UCAS Code:W452 


Marketing BA (Hons) 

UCAS Code:N500 


Music Composition & Technology BA (Hons) or BSc (Hons)

 UCAS Code:W300 


Music Journalism BA (Hons)

 UCAS Code:WP35 


Music Marketing BA (Hons) 

UCAS Code:WN35 


Photography, Farnham, BA (Hons) (3-year/4-year) 

UCAS Code:W640/W643 


Photography, Rochester, BA (Hons)

 UCAS Code:W642 


Product Design BA (Hons)

UCAS Code:W242 


Silversmithing, Goldsmithing & Jewellery BA (Hons)

 UCAS Code:W721 


Television & Media Production BA (Hons) 

UCAS Code:P321 


Television Production BA (Hons) 

UCAS Code:P311 


Textile Design BA (Hons) 

UCAS Code:W234 


Theatre Design BA (Hons) 

UCAS Code:W440 


Graduate Diploma: Art & Design 




Animation MA 

Architecture MA 

Architecture MArch 

Ceramics MA 

Creative Education MA 

Creative Education PGCert 

Creative Business Management MA 

Creative Direction for Fashion* MA 

Creative Marketing & Advertising MA

Curatorial Practice MA 

Design, Innovation & Brand Management MA 

Digital Media* MA 

Fashion Business & Management MA 

Fashion Design MA 

Fashion Marketing & Communication MA 

Fashion Photography MA 

Filmmaking MA 

Filmmaking: Documentary MA 

Fine Art MA 



 Fine Art MA (OCA) 

Games Design MA 

Glass MA 

Global Media Management MA 

Graphic Design MA 

Illustration MA 

Interior Design MA 

International Financial Management for the Creative Industries MSc 

International Jewellery Management MA 

International Master of Business Administration MBA 

Jewellery MA 

Luxury Brand Management MA 

Media Communication* MA 

Metalwork MA

Photography MA 

Photography MFA 

Printed Textiles for Fashion & Interiors MA 

Textiles MA 

Urban Design MA 

Visual Communication MA 

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