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We believe everyone has the right to education

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We are one of the most innovative marketing firms in the education industry, with over 50 years of combined sales and marketing experience from diverse industries. We are experts in providing sales and marketing solutions to increase sales and business growth for medium to small businesses.


We partner with the most – trusted and respected brands in the education industry, and most desirable lifestyle brand names and merchants, any partner that enriches lives in learning, leisure, clothing, dining, wining, entertaining and wellbeing, to bring you valuable and memorably wholesome experiences across all our platforms and services.


November 10, 2021

Come study in Toronto: A Global Hub for International Students

The city of Toronto in Canada is one of the best places to move to if you are considering becoming an international student. It is a city full of diversity,…

November 10, 2021

Updates and guidelines for students interested in studying in the UK

It is important to stay up to date with the latest travel restrictions, guidelines, and updates if you are an international student interested in studying in…

November 10, 2021

Guide for Single Parents to Balance Work, School, and Family

With a busy schedule at work and home, adding coursework may seem overwhelming, especially for single parents. However, you can balance the demands of work,…

November 10, 2021

Breaking the Barriers of Adult Learning: Tips to Bridge the Learning Gap

Getting back into education after ages might seem like a mission impossible. Hence, we have curated 6 Tips that would immensely help you to march towards…

November 10, 2021

Are you an International Student living in London? Here are six questions you should know

Living and studying in the UK is expensive. To overcome this challenge, many international students choose to work while studying in the UK. However, you…


SL education market to reach US$ 700 mn in three years

23 December 2019

Sri Lankan education market worth more than USS 400 million and would reach US$ 700 million in three years.