10 Reasons Why Students Love To Study Overseas

Leave your home country and fly thousands of miles to a foreign country to graduate from university – might sound terrific, yet it indeed is worth the time, money and the effort. Our International Students make it loud and clear, studying abroad is a once in a life time experience because of the possibilities it has offered which the native country couldn’t. Here’s our top 10 reasons as to why you should consider flying abroad to graduate, because it’s not only the degree that you get overseas.


1. Access to a better form of education

You get the opportunity to study at top ranking universities in the world, where classes are conducted by leading professors in your respective field of interest, vast range of curriculum, innovative technology, access to historic libraries, which would definitely contribute to help your achieve your goal. Engaging yourself in an education system which is different from your home country is a great experience as you get accustomed to new learning methods.


2. New Career Avenues

A new country comes with its new opportunities, you find thousands of new roles that you wouldn’t have even thought of settling in for, had you stayed in your home country. Studying abroad leads you to two career avenues either to settle abroad with a securing job, or to come back home for a lucrative job opportunity.


3. Learning new culture

In a world that is increasingly becoming globalized, cross cultural communication is of paramount importance. You can interact with locals and understand their culture and lifestyles. Studying in a multi-cultural setting will inspire you to think in innovative ways as you perceive the world through different lenses.


4. Become independent / responsible

When you step out of your comfort zone, leave your home country and fly abroad, you are not only gaining for yourself a university degree but also you become the most responsible person that you can be, as you equip yourself to face the world alone. Handling every scenario of your life all by yourself contributes tremendously to your personal development.


5. Be recognized by Employers

This is the advantage that would make you convince your parents to let you study abroad. In a survey conducted on ‘Employability and Study Abroad’ it was revealed that over 41% of employers said they would potentially hire applicants who have studied abroad. 

Studying abroad enhances vital qualities such as critical thinking, communication skills and problem-solving that employer desire. From the many CVs that recruiters have to sort through to fill a vacancy, why not make yours stand out?


6. Become a Social Bird

Once you become an international student, you automatically become a part of the wide and diversified student community at your university. You might be nervous in initiating a conversation with a stranger from a completely different background but just bear in mind, you’re all in the same boat. So you might as well make new lifelong friends from each continent.


7. Learn a new language

Learning a new language definitely has its science backed up benefits including boosting memory, enhancing the ability to multi-task and sharpens the mind. Depending on the duration of your stay you might either be an amateur or pro of the host country’s native language. However making an effort to learn their native language could go a long way in helping you make strong and friendly bonds in the neighborhood.


8. Broaden your knowledge

You avail the opportunity of tuning your thoughts in a different dimension through a different perspective. You may be unaware but most of your thoughts and actions are inspired by your native identity. The cross cultural experience that you gain will eventually mould you to be a resourceful, adventurous and internationally-minded.


9. Say Hello to the World

This is a great advantage of studying abroad, you go to a foreign country which is full of its own allure, culture, traditions and represent yourself as someone carrying the presence of your home country. And also when you’re abroad you won’t be limited to travelling only within the host country, you can visit the neighboring countries as well. For example, if you are studying in a European country like Germany, you can visit France, Italy and Spain which are some of the few countries in the European region.


10. Step out to find yourself

When you move abroad to study, you get the chance to look at your native country, your life in a new light. You develop a deep sense of appreciation and gratitude towards life and try to enjoy and live each moment of your life. This will have a huge on impact on our life like it has had on thousands of our international students.

It is impossible to suppress the benefits you gain through abroad study in words nor can any words describe it precisely. The best way to understand and to relish in its heightened experience is only if you personally encounter it. So contact our panel of Expert Advisors to help you achieve your goals.

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