6 Instagram Accounts Every Student Should Be Following

According to social media researchers, at least 76 percent of students use Instagram every day. This works out to about 53 minutes per day on average. With all this time to scroll, we think there’ll be space for these 7 Instagram accounts every student can double-tap on and follow…

#1 Miguel Barclay’s One Pound Meals

Food will take up a lot of your budget – whether you buy groceries or order takeaway. One Pound Meals is a great account that gives you ideas and recipes that are no more than £1 per serving. There are some really delicious and clever recipes that you can try, knowing that you’re keeping a good, balanced diet without going broke on food.


#2 Dormify

Getting into halls or accommodation isn’t enough, students want to make their living space an extension of themselves. Dormify has inspiration when it comes to making your uni home insta-worthy. Browse through our style guide and room tours to discover new ways to decorate.


#3 Subway Book Review

Imagine a photography account, but for book reviews! Yes, even though we know you’ve already got a long list of books to read, this is a great way of getting recommendations from people reading these books, plus they’ll share a little bit about themselves, which is a great touch to this account.


#4 Ted Talks

Ted Talks is a platform to share great ideas and knowledge which makes them an ideal Instagram account for students to follow. Some guest speakers discuss design and technology. Others discuss personal growth, small business, or entrepreneurship. They’re all fascinating and thought-provoking. There are full-length talks on YouTube and their website, but they share snippets on their Instagram feed to give you a taste of the whole thing.


#5 Studying.hacks

You’ll find loads of useful information regarding life as a student, as well as humorous posts to lighten the mood. The best part is that there are so many practical tips there too. It’s not just inspirational or motivational posts, but also simple tips for boosting your studies.


#6 Your Student Union

It’s most important not to forget to follow the student union of the university you’re attending (or thinking about attending). Unlike the official student union account, which is usually used more to entice prospective students, the student union account will be tailored specifically for the students themselves. It keeps you informed about various events taking place around the university, as well as any other relevant information.

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