Our Sales and Marketing team recruited over 500 students to one of our UK Clients
Treat yourself with the most exquisite shopping experience
Ace your Exam with your eyes closed like a champion!
OSMO CRM streamlines all of your business operations
Our Sales and Marketing team recruited over 500 students to one of our UK Clients
Create an uneven future through creativity by challenging the status quo

Core Values

We embed responsibility and sustainability by design into everything we do



We will reflect upon market trends and demands in the best possible way to adapt to change, in coherence with the fundamental needs and requirements of our clients and customers.



Trust is of utmost importance in all our dealings and we will strive to achieve trustworthiness at all times.


Appealing Quality

We will always strive to meet the bespoke needs of our customers, employees, shareholders, stakeholders and interest groups, reflecting upon appealing quality in all our dealings across the business.


Helping hand

It is not a strategy, but a quality that is reflected in all our dealings, no matter whether it’s with our customers, the general public or a competitor.



We believe in innovation and dynamic changes, but we will always strive to derive the most practical, simplest and most common sense organic business practices to suit the needs of our clients.



Is your freedom from threats and the feeling of safety on your health, wealth and the environment that we practice.


To become the most Sought-after marketing firm in the education industry, that achieve what you may have benchmarked, in an organic Fashion

The Story about us

Looking back at the ten-year history, today's success is a breath of fresh air, thanks to the founders. It seems like yesterday the founders, once a lecturer and the student, were reaching customers from fast-food premises trying to close potential students. Over a decade ago, Novelwall established a strong conviction with a compelling vision that has remained to this day.

The start-up went with its best foot forward with a beautiful business idea with just £2000 at hand with no other investments. The journey sparked off eventually from eat-out establishments to a barely decorated small office with many donated equipment from colleges, and things brought second hand. Nothing was appealing about the working environment; however, it was a start; the small team's heart and passion were there to compensate; slowly, more people joined the fray.

"Everyone has the right to education" has always been the core message that Novelwall has wanted to reflect. To do so took commitment, time, a lot of patience, and the right people who shared the same ideals. With the difficulties and restrictions imposed by UK border agency, Novelwall turned its focus from International to British and the EU market.

The passion and drive had to be there because the journey was extremely rocky and would challenge even the most formidable entrepreneurs out there. From being ignored and swindled by various people and establishments to mounting debts, not only was it a fight for Novelwall to have a name for itself but to survive the first few years. There was nothing beautiful about the journey, even from the student's eyes. It took a lot to win over their trust with the resources they had from the beginning.

Despite all challenges, Novelwall had the best intentions for their clients and students. Although the firm had no control over the industry, they had total control over their internal operations. By strengthening the systems and processes and rigorous training to understand the customer, the breakthrough came when Novelwall secured the first contract with a reputable University in 2010 in the midst of the recession. From there, there was no turning back in bringing on new partners. Every year, Novelwall refines the customer journey process creating a system of convenience that complements their clients. To this day, Novelwall is on its 11th generation strategy, all thanks to this early core team's collaborative efforts.

Back then, the CEO with his small team would have had a comfortable lifestyle with the revenue generated, but that wasn't the intention. They wanted Novelwall to be recognised as a top marketing firm in the education industry and not just to be labelled as an agent. Together they invested all of the monies back into the business; the sacrifice of earnings was for the future to build and not the present success. Some understood this, whereas others did not, and thus slowly, people came and go, and some even established their ventures in the same industry. (We wish them all the best in their endeavours)

Today, we have grown internationally with the opportunity to see the fruition of our long-term goals from the hardships, expanding the business into other products and services to provide a wider range of value propositions for our customers from SaaS CRM systems, HR solutions, loyalty programmes & applications, virtual learning platforms and providing learning Management Systems (LMS) and a large portfolio of services provided by industry experts.

Business is always challenging, yet with the right attitude, idea, and direction, anyone can be a successful entrepreneur. But it takes guts to face rejections, failures, calculated risks, good decision making, and most of all, patience to chase your dream, it is obvious that the thematic line of “Great things sometimes take time”

For all talents out there, come witness the success of a fast-growing marketing firm in the education industry.


We believe in equal opportunity and the key to our success is the right recruitment and continuous personal development of our staff.

We believe that right systems, procedures and policies will enhance service quality to achieve utmost client and customer satisfaction.

We believe that success is not about outspending but outsmarting the competition to achieve a continuous growth of the business and a higher return on investment.

We believe that the interests of the shareholders, stakeholders, staff and public are paramount.

We will always strive to achieve what our clients and may have benchmarked and to be a leader in the service industry.

Milestone Timeline

2010 - 2015

  • Novelwall™ was instituted

  • Established the British market and spread its wings into the EU market.

  • Sri Lanka Office was opened

  • Helped generate over £80m for our British and EU clients

  • Rebranding and relaunch of Clubcard for the UK Market

  • Accreditation from Investors in People

2016 - 2020

  • Launched Novelwall International in Sri Lanka

  • Partnered with EDEX, Sri Lanka’s Largest Higher Education Exhibition as a Platinum Sponsor

  • Incorporated Noveljobs™ and Clients & Consumers™


  • Launching of the Novelty-card Mobile App™.

  • Launching of Xample™ the Virtual Learning environment.

  • Launching of OSMO™ CRM Internationally

  • Obtaining ISO 9001

  • Acquiring ATOM India

  • Launching Novelwall India


  • Incorporating Novelmedia™ in Sri Lanka with a revenue projection of over LKR100m within a year

  • Acquiring 5000 merchants for Novelty-card Mobile App™

  • Acquiring 500,000 users for Novelty-card Mobile App™

  • Mobilizing a B2B salesforce to acquire new and small businesses


  • Achieve 20% growth in turnover for Xample™

  • Reach 10,000 merchants for Novelty-Card Mobile app

  • Exceed 1mill users of the Novelty-card Mobile App™

  • Incorporating a Shopping-wall™, a virtual shopping environment.

  • Generating 100,000 new & small businesses


  • Expanding our new & small businesses to 500,000+ for our OSMO™ CRM


  • Exceed our new & small businesses over 1,000,000+ for our OSMO™ CRM


  • Exceed $100M in revenue, introduce a new management structure including the appointment of a new CEO

Corporate video

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Coverage over the Countries



Globally Reputed Insititutions



A Large of Diversity of Fields

By fostering relationships with key industry organizations and like-minded, complementary firms, we help educate and support the ongoing growth and evolution of all the industries.

We partner more than 20 globally reputed universities, more than 250 merchants and at least 16 businesses in a large diversity of fields to serve our customers and clients more efficiently and compliantly.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with industry leading organizations and institutions that extend and strengthen the solutions we deliver to our clients.

Management Team


Chairman / Group CEO


Vice-Chairman / Marketing Director


Head of HR / Operations Director


Operations Director - British & EU


Management Trainee


Finance Director


Executive Creative Director - Kurzon