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British and EU

Education is a journey. It’s a journey that begins at your tender ages and goes well beyond your youth. At Novelwall we strive to hold hands of all those from the UK and the region until their lifestyles become what they endure to live.

You find the best in that journey in the UK. From the rankings of universities to global acceptance of qualifications, the quality of education, to enriching learning experiences and the state-of-the-art technological enablers, what the UK has to offer is second to none in the world.

With over 50 years of combined experience within our ranks, we at Novelwall aspire to hold hands with you all, and with our partner universities, to ensure that educational and the learning journey becomes ever so fulfilling and enriching.

Over the past decade we have supported our partner universities and colleges in recruiting over 10000 students with academic excellence, from a multitude of countries across the globe.

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Anglia Ruskin University

Anglia Ruskin University is a progressive university, breaking into the world’s top 350 educational institutions in 2017. Our fantastic academics will link theory with practice in a friendly and supportive environment, just one of the reasons why our London campus students have recorded some of the highest satisfaction rates across the University.



Countries we work in

With more than a decade of experience, working in more than 7 countries we have reached to thousands of customers directly.



Coverage over the Countries



Coverage over the Countries

Programmes to choose from

  • Higher National Certificate (HNC)
  • Higher National Diploma (HND)
  • Top Up for Degree
  • Undergraduate Degree Programmes (BSc/BA)
  • Post Graduate Degree Programmes (MSc/MBA)

The services
we provide the university

Our service offering is diverse and distinct. In all our activities we strive to offer services that are client-centric and need-specific.

  • Customized promotional offering designed to suit each university’s recruitment needs
  • We continuously monitor and adapt to the widest spectrum of policy changes, ranging from university admission criterions to immigration policies.
  • Through a carefully curated process of matchmaking, we connect the right student cohort to the university.
  • With our decade-long experience and a time-tested sales process, we offer the best platform to ensure quality Lead Generation and Conversion journey.
  • Be it B2C, B2B or through digital marketing efforts, our platform will ensure the highest potential in the quality of the lead and reach out to the ideal student group.
  • A business process that is vigilantly screened ensures the most refined, eligible and prospective students get connected with our partner universities.
  • We ensure an end-to-end customer journey that is trusted, offering visibility, transparency and confidence to our partners.

Other services provided to the student

Our industry-renowned, well-designed and highly informative workshops provide all the insights to help students understand and anticipate what awaits them at the university. A well-compiled set of guidelines and practical advice is presented to prepare them for success at an interview, or an exam, and enlighten them on achieving a perfect balance between personal and university life.

We will guide, assist, and facilitate your educational journey, and present so much more. Please click the button below and visit our website

Visit our Student Website