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Earn your place in a multimillion-dollar industry that will only grow. Become a catalyst of change, a growth leader, a decision-maker among people who will recognize your efforts and value your opinion. Be a part of a community that will continuously help each other thrive. Find your role in a mission to build a better, sustainable world enriched with education and enhanced with technology.

Where talent meets opportunity
At Novelwall, your voice is your identity. Your ideas are our strength. Every day at Novelwall will be a growth opportunity for you as a person and a professional and you will find that you are ready to take on any challenge.
Who we are
Established and based in the UK, we are UK’s top marketing organization in the education industry. Accredited with the “Investors in People” tag, our presence in London, New York, Colombo, New Delhi, Shenzhen (China) and Lahore, Novelwall has been connecting universities and colleges with thousands of students across the globe for more than a decade.

Its all about people

Joining Novelwall was not just starting a new job at a new place, it was a warm welcome to a big family. A family that cheers us to learn and grow most organically. We all are very well exposed to new learnings as everyone here is ready to be a helping hand which feels a sense of belonging whereas we practice good communication, transparency, and respect within everyone. Novelwall positively synchronizes the company values and objectives. They also prioritize and recognize employee’s hard work and well-being which brings everyone a bright light. We are very privileged to be a part of the Novelwall family.

Chulalee Dolamulla

Recruitment Coordinator

Of all the many things that I enjoy about working at Novelwall, what I love most about being a part of this family is the people I work with, the free rein I have to be creative, speak out, deploy ideas and most importantly the freedom to create a way of working that works best for me and the organisation. From day one, I was heard and trusted, and yes, NW truly values its employees and it has a culture that enable us as employees to grow and feel passionate about our careers.

Chamini Mahavithana

Marketing manager

I had 04 non-negotiable conditions when I was looking for a shift in my career. Leadership that inspires and challenges me, a product that makes a difference in the lives of people, a company that empowers me to excel myself in professional, social, and personal arenas, and finally a team that committed and combine forces to achieve common objectives. After six months of working at Novelwall, I am delighted to say that this company not only fulfilled all these points but also exceeded my expectations. Novelwall’s product portfolio is designed to enrich the lives of people in the education industry and the management is always ready to support and guide you throughout the decision-making process. And the team I work with extends enormous assistance in executing projects while the company philosophy binds everything together. I simply couldn’t have made a better decision by joining NWfamily

Pamodika Rathnasighe

The work is challenging, but it helps keep me engaged. I joined with Novelwall as my first job and had great experience working with Novelwall throughout my journey. In terms of career growth and opportunities, also company provides the foundation to improve the knowledge and skills. If you are looking forward a good working environment, you can find any place, but if you want to work in a great environment – this is the place.

Thilina Manawalage

Acknowledging one’s capabilities and bringing the best in a person is meant to be a highly productive way of developing an organization to a great peak. And Novelwall has done a great job in grasping the talented people and entertaining them in the sector they are experts at. Believing in talents and providing the recognition that an employee deserves is very rare to be seen but not here in Novelwall. And we do know health and safety should not be taken lightly and Novelwall had done great height reaching this achievement from the very start. Every perspective of an employee is given utmost consideration starting from the very basic wants that should be attained. Even this short time of working in Novelwall gave me so much access to be an innovative, creative person that led me to a designation I had always dreamt to reach. I do believe being able to contribute my manpower to this amazing organization was indeed an amazing start to my career. I am grateful for the fact that I have got a great line of manager who is always willing to help me in my hard time. In the very last I have so much respect for all the great individuals who are working along with me on this long journey with the Novelwall family.

Manula Kariyawasam

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We are currently recruiting reliable, professional sales and target minded individuals who are great on the phone to join our inbound and outbound telesales team.

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We are currently recruiting reliable, professional sales and target minded individuals who are great on the phone to join our inbound and outbound telesales team.

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