Come study in Toronto: A Global Hub for International Students

The city of Toronto in Canada is one of the best places to move to if you are considering becoming an international student. It is a city full of diversity, energy, young people, and historical sites. The city offers a multitude of opportunities for learning, self-discovery, and networking.

Through this visual treat and guide, we are giving you a glimpse of the experience of studying abroad in Toronto.

With a population of 3 million people, Toronto is the largest city in Canada. It has developed into a bustling metropolis with plenty to offer its citizens. The city is the nation's centre for business, arts, culture, design, and communication.
Toronto has a safety rating of 59.50, ranking it 186 among 427 cities globally.
International students are allowed to work part-time. It is possible to work up to 20 hours per week within the campus or outside of it. You can work up to 30 hours per week during summer and winter breaks.
International students pay higher tuition than local students, ranging from $15,001 to $65,000 per year (depending on the university). Living costs in this city range from C$1,000 to C$5,500.
Toronto has Chinatown, Koreatown, Little Italy, Portuguese Village, Greektown, and more. Having the privilege of living here will expose you to this cultural melting pot, and you will have lots of opportunities to broaden your horizons.
Since English is one of the two official languages of Canada, communication should not be a problem. All universities offer English courses for Master's, Bachelor's, and PhD degrees.
Public transportation is available throughout the city. Several transport systems in the city accept the Presto card, which is an electronic payment system. There is no need to buy tickets or tokens. As a bonus, you can even manage your Presto card transactions using a mobile app.
Rents range from C$500 to C$4,000 a month. To save money on transportation, choose a location that is easily accessible from your chosen university.
Summers in Toronto are comfortable; winters are cold, snowy, and windy; and it is partly cloudy most of the year.

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