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Xample is our VLE for O/L and A/L students, the most extensive GCE online testing platform in Sri Lanka!

Exams in general can be tiresome, nerve-wracking experiences for most of us. O/Ls and A/Ls are perhaps the most daunting of them all. Overcoming this challenge may take continuous and rigorous preparation and time spent among books and piles of paper. Xample is an advanced virtual learning platform that provides a modern and innovative approach for effective revision and exam preparation. Designed especially for GCE O/L s and A/Ls and customised for the Sri Lankan student, Xample provides its users with access to a large archive of exam preparatory material that includes mock exams, video tutorials and related study material. For further support, this modern learning platform has enabled real-time interaction with an expert panel of tutors/ teachers/ mentors/ instructors with extensive experience in the respective subjects.


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The Top VLE

Engineered in collaboration with ATOM, one of the top UK-based IT and Engineering companies, Xample is one of the most innovative and sophisticated virtual learning platforms in existence. The ultimate GCE exam platform - O/L, A/L Past-papers from the past 15-20 years - An ever-growing base of sample papers and mock exams - Interactive Learning - Continuous Guidance from experts - Familiarise with the actual exam format - Practise within stipulated time frames

Extensive GCE Testing

The “Xample” is engineered & designed by our industry experts with questions and answers from the past 15 to 20 years’ worth of GCE O/L & A/L exams. The key to success is encouraging our children to attempt mock testing at “Xample” our virtual learning environment & familiarising with Realtime GCE, O/Land A/L exams.

The platform provides thousands of questions harnessed from past papers of over 15 years and exercises from the best model papers in Sri Lanka – to provide the student with a truly immersive experience of continuous testing and learning - to the point that any student can master a subject by working on this platform for one hour every day.


Comprehensive Testing:

The Exam platform has been designed to enable students to conduct a self-evaluation and identify areas that need more attention before facing an exam. The platform enables its users to take multiple tests and continuously challenge themselves as they learn from previous shortcomings.

Continued Study:

The comprehensive study notes and the video tutorials provide precise, strategically presented information that the students would require to increase their competency in an identified area of study. Our expert panel of tutors provides continuous guidance on improving subject knowledge as well as on how best to address different problems on different subjects.

Progression Report:

The users can obtain a comprehensive analytical report that would demonstrate the progression of the students on each subject based on his/her performance while using the platform. This advanced analytical report will produce a grade similar to that of O/Ls or A/Ls based on the user's proficiency level, enabling them to identify areas that require more improvement. It might even help users predict their final grades even before they sit the actual exam!

Monitoring and Observation

In addition to the primary user, real time remote access to the platform is granted to an initially identified party, enabling them to monitor the progress of the users without creating a disturbance. This enables a teacher, the parents or a guardian to monitor the student's progress throughout his/her time on the platform.

Since no external ads or links will be allowed access onto the platform, the users will be assured a focused and productive learning experience. The objective behind developing Xample is to inculcate the challenging spirit while cultivating self-determination among students, especially in the current pandemic situation, by providing students with an effective ‘Testing & Revision Tool,’ built-in a friendly virtual learning environment (VLE).

Monitoring and controlling environment

Our VLE can be accessed at any time therefore parents can track the activities of the student in real time remotely without distracting the user. With the addition of no external ads and links in our platform, this will give the student a peace of mind as well as the interested observer to ensure that the focus will not be diverted within the learning environment. The aim of ‘’Xample’’ is to inculcate the challenging spirit and to cultivate self-determination among students, especially in the current pandemic situation, providing students with effective ‘Testing & Revision Tool,’ built-in a friendly virtual learning environment (VLE).

Each Xample subjects is created, owned and managed by the instructor(s). The foundation of each Xample subjects incudes to practice the exams as in Time Based, Practice Based, Model Based and Mock Exams
Xample subjects are entirely on-demand. You can begin the subjects whenever you like, and there are no deadlines to complete it.
As noted above, there are no deadlines to begin or complete the subjects. Even after you complete the subjects you will continue to have access to it, provided that your accounts in good standing, and Xample continues to have a license to the subjects.

To learn more about our Lifetime Access policy, please click here.
Xample LMS provides advanced analysis and reports for tracking Learner progress, suggestion for goal settings, once set the goals to keep you in track to get guaranteed “A” with your commitment
Xample learning programs are for students from Grade 10 to Class 13, which is for students who are sitting for Ordinary Level and Advanced Level exams
Yes, we do have screen mirroring/casting features enabled for our LMS.
You will be when you want to enjoy full features of the Xample LMS at the end of your 14-day trial.


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