Glad tidings to International students: UK relaxes post-study work visa.

Along with the advent of a New Year comes great news to International Students. In light of the pandemic, the UK Home Office has announced a concession that enables International Students studying remotely to apply for the UK’s new two-year post-study work visa, as long as their degree does not finish this academic year.

In September 2019, the UK Government announced the re-implementation of a new immigration route that will enable international students to remain in the UK for two years after they have completed their studies. The new government under Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced the return of post-study work visas in the UK, seven years after they were abolished by Theresa May as home secretary.

To be eligible for the Graduate Route visa, the student must be graduating from a UK university. Moreover, it would be best if the student held a Tier-4 Student visa when the system is being introduced in 2021.

Here is everything you need to know about the new “Graduate Route”

The new Graduate route will allow eligible students to work or look for work, at any skill level, for two years after completing their courses, while Ph.D. students can work for three years. However, once this visa expires, they will have to apply for a different type of visa to continue working in the UK. It can be a Tier-2 General work visa or other kinds of visa. 

The good news is that the Graduate Route visa will enable the students to gain the required skills and expertise to apply for the Tier-2 General work visa. Consequently, the International Students will also have the opportunity of applying for permanent residency.

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