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What is Novelty Card

Modern-day loyalty cards are crowded at every store. Retailers and its popularity convinced you to have one in your wallet. The marketplace is filled with 100’s and 1000’s of stores everywhere. Now, does that mean you have to stack 100s and 1000s of cards in your wallet, or apps on your phone?

How about just one card or one app for all your favourite stores?

Our Novelty-card app is designed and engineered with years of research and experience, goes beyond the customer journey, towards more of a desired lifestyle. It consists of a series of in-store steps an average customer moves through in their interactions, and our loyalty programme is designed for merchants to offer rewards and incentives along that entire process and carry forward towards a complete ‘Customer Journey and Lifestyle’ within a diverse community.

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To learn more about the NOVELTY CARD, visit our website

Visit our Novelty Card Website
How does
it work?

Typical loyalty cards are designed to manage a loyalty scheme only at a particular store and cannot be used on a different business altogether. They cannot aggregate points or discounts from different businesses.

In contrast, the Novelty-card is a mobile app that aggregates discounts or points amongst multiple businesses, stores and brands. It enhances value propositions by creating cross-promotions and collaborative loyalty programmes amongst two or more ideal customer groups by creating a much larger target group.

Benefit of
the Novelty-card mobile app?

Novelty card mobile app is designed keeping both the merchant and customer in mind. That means more sales for merchants and more rewards for the customer. The merchant will be able to have access to a decisive market segment with a larger market share combining two or more ideal customer groups. Multiple benefits for the merchant, in increased sales, enhanced customer loyalty and fulfillment of an enriching “Customer journey and lifestyle

Customers will be able to benefit from the Novelty-card Mobile app with rewards from multiple stores, brands and merchants, and the ability to combine and use their points or discounts redeemable at a desired store.

How to identify a
Novelty Card Merchant?

All participating merchants will have a Novelty Card logo displayed at their stores, and it will also appear in the mobile App.

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Visit Our Website

Find out more about our Novelty Card on our official Novelty Card Website


Click Sign up

Signing up is simple and only takes a couple of minutes, it’s made even easier through google


Fill In the Form

Look for an “Apply Now” button on the site, and it will take you directly to an application form


Receive your card

Once you’ve submitted your application, if you’re approved, you will receive your Novelty Card with in 10 – 14 business days


Download the App

You can download the Novelty Card App from Apple app store or Google Play store. Download the FREE app today and just follow the instructions to sign up.


Start shopping

Pay less with exclusive deals and discounts on your favourite items, purchases every day.

Novelty Card is not based on only students, this application can be used by any person to claim discounts.
You can simply signup with your E-mail ID and Mobile No. hence we also offer the G -mail account, and Facebook to automatically join you with the application. Applications to be downloaded from App Store or Google Play Store
You can add the card details in you account. We do accept and cards as Eg: Credit/ Debit, Amex, American Express……
Yes, all the products and services have a real time discount expiring date
No, we do not restrict and have specific limits for the customer to claim rewards with a day.
The way we handle data is GDPR compliant. We collect information on what stores have been visited by our users so we can build better features to save them money. We also collect person info to provide the best discounts to you always to know who our customer and clients want to build this relation ship we do collect the data of the user’s as;

  • Name
  • E-mail ID
  • Mobile
  • Job Title (To know the position to deliver with the best and most suitable discounts)
  • School/ College (To know is our customers students)
  • Location (To find, and locate the nearest store to claim the rewards/ discounts)
We also use this data to negotiate better deals for our users from selected stores. We do not sell any data to third parties. To learn more, please read our Privacy Policy. Please do not download Novelty card until you have read and understood this Privacy Policy. Feel free to ask us any questions by contacting us at
Novelty Card has online and instore discount you can either to choose to get it delivered or to collect it from store
You can apply through our Novelty Card Website:
You must provide your BR, Marchant Name, Category, Location, Mobile, Email ….
You can limit discount codes to one per customer in the Usage limits section on the Add discount page.
If you set an expiry date for a discount, then the discount will expire at 11:59:59 PM on that day.
No, you cannot
You can perform mass updates to disable many discount codes at once.
You can apply discount codes to specific variants of a product. These codes will apply to all quantities of the discounted variant in a cart.
Yes. you can create a quantity-based discount at any time from your online Novelty Marchant. Choose to have discount trigger when either a) an exact number, or b) a minimum number of items are added to the cart.
You can use the Sales by discount report to see how often your discount codes are used. For details on the report, see Sales by discount.
You can add store wide discounts, which enable the discounts for all the product or by the product variant

Visit our website

To learn more about the NOVELTY CARD, visit our website

Visit our Novelty Card Website