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OSMO - Your Everyday CRM

A system that has been built with proper research and understanding of each task that needs to be accomplished by using it, makes a good CRM, and that does not necessarily mean that is the most ill affordable. Gone days you paid a premium to obtain a CRM to help – manage your customer journey efficiently.

We built OSMO CRM with an attractive interface that is both simple and user friendly. The OSMO CRM has been custom designed for small businesses to help increase productivity and improve operations efficiencies without exceeding the budget.

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A database of prospective leads, potential customers, and already acquired clients, is easily more valuable than a ‘fixed return generating savings account in a bank’. Yielding the best return of such investments requires well-curated handling and management of a journey that your prospects and customers will experience with your business. That requires a system that possess the tools, ease-of-use, and analytics that facilitate such a journey. Then you will convert the leads, prospects and clients into a mutually beneficial business. This is exactly what OSMO would do for you.

The OSMO CRM can help you optimise your customer database and provide a smooth flow from an enquiry to a deal or sale. Adopting the seven principles of the marketing mix, the OSMO CRM carries an integrated Process Management System based on the customer journey. This is a simplified system that allows you to customise the features to suit your business processes, whilst providing a seamless transition of a ‘prospect to a customer’.

(Up to 3 Users)
$0 Upto 3 Users
Leads Management
Can add up to 5 fields
Centralised Emails
Basic Dashboards and Reports
5 Automationas for All Modules
($10/ user up to 10 Users)
100 Emails/ day
15 fields/ module
10 Automations per Module
3 User Level Permissions (Up to 3 Levels)
10 Customisable Dashboards
10 Customisable Report
14 days Customer Support to Set up
($15/ User)
500 Emails/ day
Addons and integrations
25 Custom Modules
20 Automations/ Module
Unlimited User Level Permissions
Unlimited Customisable Reports
28 days Customer Support
($25 per User)
1000 Emails/ day
50 Custom Modules
Calendar Management
Advanced Leads Permissions
Field Level Permissions
Dynamic Dashboards
50 Workflow Automations
Task Management
24/5 Customer Support

Efficiency Redefined

The OSMO CRM will sort / filter your leads based on their quality and assign the most prospective leads to the most effective member of your team. Thereby the CRM automatically identifies the most efficient mechanism to convert your lead and make a successful sale.

The leads of less quality will be directed to a different pool which will require a separate conversion tactic. Built with a separate Data Management system and a Dynamic Dashboard, the OSMO CRM monitors the efficiency of your team to increase productivity via increased data efficiency.


OSMO-CRM is enabled to send text messages, emails, create tasks for individuals or teams to follow up, field updates, and send business quotes and invoices to customers based on required action. These automations can be customised in all modules and fields based on your business requirement.


OSMO-CRM is enabled with APIs and Integrations for the most popular communications service providers for IP phones, mass emails, and text messages.


OSMO-CRM provides you with useful and meaningful highly customisable reports about the performances of your staff, quality of your leads and conversions, and for every possible outcome that your business requires. These reports are effortless to create, easy to schedule, and simple to understand.
OSMO-CRM can also provide the use of dynamic grouping and Dataset to curate the most simplified reports for advanced metrics.


The features of the OSMO-CRM System may sound a bit techy and complicating. However, an average day to day PC and internet savvy user can easily customise the system in a couple of hours.
Whether you are a Real estate Agency, a Retail store, or an E-commerce business offering products and services, OSMO-CRM System has the ability to adopt your business process regardless of the complexity of the industry. Starting from Fields and Modules our, SalesForce Automations, Integrations, and Reports are easy to configure.

To Learn more about the OSMO CRM

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