Overcoming Exam Fear With ‘’Example’’

On average almost 60% of children, including adolescents are affected with ‘’Examinophobia’’ or widely known as Exam Fear. Even though it is a common phenomenon among students, especially when they are preparing to face a nation-wide competitive exam such as GCE O/Ls or A/Ls, it could be disastrous as it affects them psychologically, socially, emotionally and cognitively.

Due to the incentives that an individual can benefit from, which includes free admission into government universities the tense and the competition to succeed in the GCE O/Ls and GCE A/Ls are remarkably high. Because of this reason there is a growing phenomenon of private tutoring classes.

In common there are 3 categories of private tutoring available in the island,

1. One-to-one Interaction – As instructions are given one-to-one this is the most expensive form of private tutoring available in Sri Lanka. A tutor could be a qualified teacher, an undergraduate student, or an upper grade school student. They are usually paid hourly rates which vary widely according to the qualifications and experiences approximately per hour the charge is LKR 2000-3000 for classes. Classes can be given any time of the day but usually after school or weekends

2. Group Tuition Classes – Private tuition is provided by qualified teachers to small group of students. The class size can vary from two to 50 students depending on the popularity of teacher and the student population of the area. The fees of this second type of private tuition classes are usually charged on monthly basis and they vary with the popularity of the teachers approximately LKR 1200 – 2600 per student for a month.

3. Hall Tuition Classes – The class size of this type of tuition class is very large. It can be between 50 and 1000 students depending on teacher’s popularity, student population and location of the class. Classes are usually held in very large halls and instructions are given by using microphones. Most teachers in this type of classes are very famous usually university lectures. Classes are usually held on weekends but sometimes in weekdays. The fees are approximately LKR 500 – 1000 per student for a month.

However, these tuition classes fail to address the major issue faced by the students, preparing them for the national exams. ‘’Example’’ focuses on guiding students by providing them with the necessary insight into the curriculum by helping them face Real time mock exams, where the student will have to write each exam with the same mentality with which they would face the national examinations at any time that is convenient for them. Our panel of top qualified teachers have designed the exams based on the questions and answers from the last 15-20 years’ GCE O/L & A/L past papers.

‘’Example’’ is designed to give personalized analytical report to each student based on their progression, which is accessible to their parents as well so they can monitor their performance. Each and every question consists of a detailed analysis which helps the students to learn and improve from their mistakes. In compliance with the old adage, that practice makes perfect each student will get the chance to repeat the questions that they fail, nurturing them to nullify their weak subject areas.

The aim of ‘’Example’’ is to inculcate the challenging spirit and to cultivate self-determination among students, especially in the current pandemic situation, ‘’Example’’ provides the students with effective ‘Testing & Revision Tool’ built in a friendly virtual learning environment (VLE).

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