Lakeland College



The Lakeland College in Canada was founded in 1931 as a board-governed, publicly-financed college. The college was established with the mission and vision of promoting agriculture which soon diversified into other programs such as business, human services health and Wellness environmental science and many more. 

Our award-winning programs make it easy to move into the workforce or further your studies. We offer many programs such as agricultural and environmental sciences, business studies, trades technology, etc. The college has been rated among Canada’s top 50 research colleges, and its facilities include crop plots to a renewable energy center.


Lakeland college serves around 7,000 full-time and part-time students on its campuses in Vermilion and Lloydminster. Campuses of Lakeland College offers Libraries, eateries, recreation, clubs, social activities and athletics as well as residence halls for single students and also for those travelling with their families or guidance.

A lot of the learning at Vermilion takes place outdoors on the college farm, the Emergency Training Centre’s training grounds, or the environmental science programs field labs. It’s the more rural of our two campuses offering a true small-town college experience. Opened in 1990, Lloydminster campus has a modern, urban sensibility. But everything’s housed under one roof, creating a distinct sense of community togetherness. More than 500 students in seven disciplines are at the Lloydminster campus.