Trebas Institute



At Trebas Institute, we prepare our students to become exceptional leaders. We are passionate about teaching you the latest industry trends and connecting you with industry experts so you can have an edge after graduation. Diversity, innovation and excellence are the cornerstones of what we do. With small classes taught by experienced faculty, high-quality programs, and excellent facilities, you’ll leave Trebas Institute with the most contemporary skills and knowledge — and have the opportunity to work with companies such as Ubisoft, Virgin EMI Canada, and Universal Music Group. 

Trebas’ programs are accredited by the Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur (Québec), taught in English and French and are constantly updated to match market changes. With a strong network of business partners and dedicated careers services, Trebas is truly dedicated to your success.


Situated in the heart of Montreal, the largest city in Canada’s Quebec province, Trebas Institute offers programs that enable students to be at the forefront of the entertainment industry with access to state-of-the-art facilities. Trebas Institute provides exceptional academic programs, celebrated instructors with expertise in their fields and regularly updated curriculums and syllabi.

Quebec is one of the most affordable education centres in the western world, with lower international tuition fees than other Canadian provinces. Accommodation, food, transport, daily expenses, and other living costs are lower in Quebec –ranked in the top 20 least expensive cities to live in Canada, along with 11 of its other cities.