Sizzling Spring Fashion Tips For Students

The snow has melted, the sun is finally starting to shine, and days are getting warmer by the day, propelling us into full-fledged spring fever. As you’re transitioning from your winter wardrobe to your spring wardrobe, you might start to feel a little bit overwhelmed. 

Of course, finding different ways to wear clothes already in your closet can feel like a challenging task. We have explored the most affordable and budget-friendly options we can find so that you can try them out for yourself.

1. Start with Wardrobe Staples

What warrants a “Spring Wardrobe Staple?” No matter what the right wardrobe basics are for you, you can then use these clothing essentials as the basis for a capsule wardrobe to make getting dressed stylishly as a breeze. Once you’ve filled your closet with the below spring-style staples, you can swiftly begin putting together looks that incorporate seasonal elements.

2. Mix Up Spring Prints

The most popular spring print is undoubtedly floral. But instead of just taking the simple route and wearing a floral piece alone, try mixing things up by wearing a contrasting print with it. The key to mixing prints is to keep the two pieces within the same color family and combine prints of different sizes. Adding in a simple texture like denim will also pull your look together and tone it down as needed.

3. Keep It Light

Spring isn’t the time for dark colors and thick fabrics. It’s a season of “growth,” which means vibrant colors and breathable fabrics. Typical spring style calls for keeping your outfits light. Spring seasonal clothing colors are white, light pinks, tints of blues, mint green, and lavender. Each of these colors looks fantastic on anyone – even on men. Seriously, everyone should try them.

4. Add Accessories

On those spring days when you’re doing a very basic look, you can easily add charm to your outfit with accessories. Try a scarf in a fun spring print or jewelry in bright spring colors. Add a pop of color with your shoes, or go with a handbag that takes your look up a notch. If your style is all about comfort, you can stay true to that while adding a bit of seasonal elegance with accessories.

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