The current situation in Sri Lanka- perspective from a young girl

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Growing up as a simple girl with a lot of dreams, I have always been looking for different ways to break through the societal barriers and family background which has been hindering most of my plans. However, overcoming these obstacles have never been easy. In fact, it was getting tougher day by day especially with the “current situation of Srilanka”


I felt terrible seeing how these obstacles are gradually washing away the dreams that I have been holding up for years and how my motherland is helpless even when the life of the citizens are at stake. I was really disappointed to see how the economy, education, healthcare and all the sectors are just shrinking in front of my own eyes and how children, teenagers, youths and adults are almost losing their precious moments to live and experience their lives. It hurts to see how most people are left with no options other than to give up on their dreams just for the sake of surviving the day and fighting against their hunger. I have to admit that, all of these facts just fueled up my range towards the motherland and at some point, I started to blame the country for putting us in this situation. However, looking at the sacrifices that my mother has been making toward the betterment of the family and the difficulties that she goes through on a daily basis, made me realize how wrong I was to have the audacity to blame the motherland. I understood that blaming the motherland at this point is similar to blaming our own mother for something that was not entirely her fault. 

This realization made me look at the current situation from a different angle and I started to see how we have been blind and ignorant for all these past years to the extent to allow our motherland to be pushed into this vulnerable situation. In other words, we knew that “corruption” has been taking place in our country and is still happening but we were too busy to look into it. We knew that innocent citizens are the ones to suffer when politicians take a selfish decisions but still, we were ignorant to allow the wrong people to be in power. We knew that the country will be in danger if it goes into the hands of a bad leader but still we voted carelessly. We allowed those corrupted politicians to forget that “the citizens are the ones who gave them the taste of power and it’s not something they inherited” by our ignorance.

Despite all these, our motherland still managed to provide a place for us to survive therefore, we allowed her to suffer for decades. But right now, the economic crisis, food shortages, power cuts, and everything that we are going through is a sign that our motherland has suffered enough and she is now unable to stand alone. It is obvious because everything has a limit. This stood as a turning point for all the citizens to remove their blindfolds and open their eyes to reality. 

This is the point at which I started to witness how this worsening situation of the country and the countless negative impacts, strengthen the patriotism among the citizens which gave them the courage to fight against the parasites that have been torturing our motherland for decades. I sensed the formation of unity among the different ethnicities, religion age and gender which brought a ray of hope in this difficult time. The strong unity among the citizens coming together as one nation was such a beautiful thing to witness and it took me back to the time when I had to deliver a speech on the independence day where I was proudly shouting that “Srilanka is my motherland and I will always stand for my country” but at that time, little did I know how powerful those words are and what a big responsibility it was. Currently, being a youth I am really happy to see what “standing for our motherland” really looks like and how “being patriotic” really feels like. 

No matter how bad the current situation is, I believe there would be a full stop to all these hardships as long as we stay united together as one nation. It is “better late than never” and it is a great lesson for all of us to be more vigilant towards our surroundings. This big step that every one of us is taking towards saving our motherland and the unity that we have formed needs to remain and grow stronger. Most importantly, we should never forget the real purpose behind these protests. We have to cherish the power of the youths and the contribution that each and every one of us can put into protecting our motherland and continue to strive towards it.  

To be honest, being put into this kind of situation helped me learn so many lessons that brought back the motivation that I was nearly losing at the beginning. Further, it made me feel empowered as a responsible citizen who is in charge of the country’s future which brings to my final point that we all have the power to overcome any obstacles that life throws at us and unity can create wonders no matter at what situation we are put into. 



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